Gia Bardot’s Care Card

Gia Bardot cashmere garments are created from the finest, sustainably farmed Italian cashmere yarn. Your Gia Bardot garment will, with the right care, last for many years. To extend the life of your cashmere garment, please follow the washing and storing instructions carefully.

Washing Instructions

  • Turn garment inside out
  • Add baby Shampoo, or Woolite for woolen garments to a basin of cold water
  • Ensure washing detergent is fully dissolved before adding the garment
  • Soak garment for 5 minutes
  • Agitate gently
  • Rinse thoroughly in cool clean water until the water runs clear
  • Squeeze gently to remove excess water, taking care not to twist or wring out
  • Block carefully into shape on a flat surface
  • Do not hang wet garment, hanging will stretch it out of shape
  • Leave it to dry away from direct heat or sunlight
  • To de-crease, use a hand-held steamer or Iron inside out with a damp cloth between, at the lowest heat setting

Caring For Your Garments

  • Cashmere is a natural fiber. After a day of wearing your cashmere garment, allow it to rest for two or three days in order for the fibers to settle back to its natural form
  • Pilling is an inevitable consequence of well worn cashmere. To minimize pilling and snagging, avoid wearing your cashmere garment in close contact with rough textured clothing, jewelry or accessories that may snag the cashmere yarn
  • At the end of the season, to ensure your cashmere garment will look as good as new next winter, de-pill and decrease the garment before packing it away
  • Wrap your cashmere garment in tissue paper to preserve its original colour and to protect the garment against damp and dust
  • Store away from direct sunlight